Daniel S. Coyle started blowing glass in 2003. In 2006, after graduating from SCC with a degree in Scientific Glassblowing, he started his career as a scientific glassblower. After 5 years working for a chemical company he quit his job in order to pursue his artistic vision in glass pipes.

He currently resides in Western Massachusetts, where he works alongside of some of the state's top pipe makers.


"Often my work is playful in nature and can remind you of toys; I guess I like to bring the viewer (or user) back to their childhood and also remind them to not take life so seriously... Why pipes? Making an object into a pipe will allow someone to bond with that object. They will have experiences with it, develop a relationship with it, in time it will become more than a piece in their collection- it will become sentimental." -Coyle



2003 - Workshop with Jerry Kelly

2006 - Associates in Applied Science (Scientific Glassblowing), Salem Community College

2007 - Workshop With Matt Eskuche

2012 - Workshop with Robert Mickelsen

2013 - Workshop with Eusheen Goines

2014 - Workshop with Loren Stump

2014 - Workshop with Carmen Lozar

2017 - Workshop with Danny White



2012  - Pipe Classic Competitor : Bern Gallery, Burlington, Vermont


2013  - "Coyle Condensed" : Goosefire Gallery, Westminister, California

           - DFO Competitor : Eugene, Oregon

           - Pipe Classic Competitor : Bern Gallery, Burlington, Vermont

           - "Ceci N'est Pas Une Pipe" : Center on Contemporary Art, Seattle, Washington


2014  -  "Big Galleria" w/ Joe Peters & Elbo : Liquid Chrome, Barrie, Ontario

           - "Counter Culture" : Habatat Gallery, West Palm Beach, Florida

           - "Contemporary Pipemaking" pop-up show : Habatat Gallery during Art Basel, Miami, Florida

           - "Greatest Hits" : Wallplay Gallery, New York, New York


2015  -  "Nor'Easter" : 1 Percent Gallery, New York, New York

           - " Ape Shit!" : The Illuminatorium, Denver, Colorado

           - "GZ's House Party" : Pop Up Show, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


2016  -  "Pura Vida" : Habatat Gallery, West Palm Beach, Florida

           - "Ghost vs. Coyle" : Pop Up Show, Chicago, Illinois


2017  -  "Comic Chron" : Just Another Gallery, San Diego, California

           - "Shit Show!" : Piece Of Mind O.C., Orange County, California

2018  -  "Cultiva Hanfmesse" : Demo Artist for expo in Vienna, Austria

           - "JBD Bongzilla" : Soft Glass Build. Brooklyn Glass, Brooklyn, New York

2019 -  "King of Bongs" : Lili’s Glass, Worcester, Massachusetts